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"transmaritim" was founded in Stuttgart in 1987 with the promise that we will adapt ourselves to the demands and requirements of our clients at any time.
We have successfully maintained our market position as an independent company that is run by its owners.
Apart from our loyal and mainly long-standing clientele, the companys' most important asset is our experienced and highly qualified personnel.
With the help of our international agency network and our modern equipment we are able to offer high-quality carrier services from A to Z and to adapt ourselves flexibly to our customers' specific requirements at any time.
After all, issues of shipping air and sea freight do require long-standing experience, know-how and international contacts.


Second life for our old banners as document folder.

Antonov 124 heading to Atlanta

Complete airfreight charters are always something special!

Our new banner for the next project shipments.
(Thanks to the Nagold 'Eisberg Fit' team)

Strong partnerships:
transmaritim international takes care of airfreight import of masks,
rudolph trucking & handling delivers to destination.


transmaritim knows the right carriers as well as the best and fastest connections from and to your sales and procurement markets.


The ocean going traffic offers
suitable ways of shipping each and any
product to its destination.


We are able to prepare offers for multi-modal shipping strategies and will have due regard to the relevant shipping facilities.

transmaritim international GmbH

Transporting sea freight and air freight is what we do best.

‣ Founded in 1987 in Stuttgart
‣ Represented by more than 40 partners around the world

Represented by our own offices in Germany: 

Management Stuttgart

transmaritim international GmbH
Airport Stuttgart,
Freightbuilding CCS 605/6
70629 Stuttgart
Phone: +49 711 - 25 08 77-0
Fax: +49 711 - 79 00 25


transmaritim international GmbH
- Branch Munich -
Freightbuilding, Modul G,
Room 333 + 335
D-85356 München
Phone: 089 / 97 59 65 - 20 + 21
Fax: 089 / 97 59 65 - 26


transmaritim international GmbH
- Branch Frankfurt -
Cargo City South, Building 537B,
Room 3.46
60549 Frankfurt Airport
Phone: +49 69 / 6952 5985
Fax: +49 69 / 6971 5674


transmaritim international GmbH
- Branch Hamburg -
Katharinenstr. 33
20457 Hamburg
Phone: 040-36 80 96-0
Fax: 040-36 80 96-66